Starpy  | She / They | 33
Artist | Designer

Ahoyahoy, I'm Starpy, I'm an artist and kyuupid vtuber!I'm an illustrator that specializes in character and outfit design, frame-by-frame animation, and an art mama for VTubers!I'm a Twitch Partner and currently on stream hiatus due to immigrating to the USA and awaiting my work visa 💘

carrd by ©rcsea


  • My in lore world is CosCo - a funky liminal space akin to a giant store (legally distinct from CosTco cuz I blew up the T) - Powered by my wife Starpy's crashed ship and a bunch of space bunny magic, anything can and will happen at CosCo :)


  • (Pre) Buncha - My original space bunny appearance! Watch my lore on my YouTube channel bich


  • My pet space manta! I ate him and he turned into a pancake boy when I threw him up


  • AmiBuns are YOU!! The physical manifestation of my community - AmiBuns are customizable. Their body shape remains consistent and the visors stay on (or can have a different hat) - the tail can be anything you want! Food, crystal, an anime figure, whatever your heart desires.

  • Below are the default style of AmiBuns